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It's been awhile since I have had an active blog. My previous blog at officially died when I forgot to renew the domain name awhile back. It was a continuation of the blog I used to run on (which is about to expire) which was a continuation of the blog I wrote for which was before that. I started it back in 2004 and in many ways it is responsible for much of my career path since then.

It helped me build a name in the community, start speaking, get into consulting, and eventually I got invited to a little ad network called The Lounge in 2007. I was making all of $50 a month, but it was better than AdSense. Then I decided to buy The Lounge from it's previous owner and run it myself for 2 years - which is when I started writing the code that became the first version of Adzerk. I eventually sold off The Lounge to focus on Adzerk - and slowly the blog became more and more neglected.

Since that blog died off I have been writing on the Adzerk team blog:

But I recently realized I wanted to start writing again and not have to worry about representing Adzerk while doing it. I am sure I will still post over there but I will post more and more here.

I am breaking some sort of rule by blogging about blogging as my first post on this blog - and chances are blogging died 5 years ago and no-one told me - but I really wanted to try out Ghost and this seemed like a good opportunity.